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You Design. We Manufacture.

You are the gatekeeper of brilliance and innovation.


You Design. We Manufacture.

You are the gatekeeper of brilliance and innovation.


How it works. 

STEP 01: Send Us Your design! 

  • Send Weaver Leather your drawing or prototype via email or parcel delivery. Please include as many details or specs that you have.

  • Not quite ready to send us a design? Drop us an email at or give us a call at 330-521-7634 to discuss your project.  

STEP 02: Design is Reviewed by Weaver LEATHER REPRESENTATIVE 

  • A Weaver Leather representative will contact you to work through any adjustments or improvements to the design that will aid in the manufacturing processes or improve your product’s quality and integrity.

  • We will review with you the possible manufacturing options you have for your custom design.

  • During this step is a great time to ask your Weaver Leather representative any questions you have.

STEP 03: Get Creative

  • You’ll have access to the finest materials and an array of colors and textures to give your product just the right look. 

  • Special details like decorative stitching, stamped or hand tooled designs, overlays, painted leather edges, embroidery and more are available for you to create a truly customized product.

  • Choose your final touches from a wide selection of hardware and unique embellishments like conchos, spots and crystals for enhanced customer appeal.

STEP 04: Finalized Design is Quoted

  • We make sure to review every aspect of your project in fine detail before giving you a final quote.

  • Our one-on-one quoting process lets you work closely with your Weaver Leather representative to ensure the best possible materials and processes have been chosen to make your project a success.

  • You will receive an estimated timeline for manufacturing. 

STEP 05: It's Time to Manufacture! 

  • Once we have your final approval, we will begin manufacturing.

  • Weaver Leather provides you with superior customer service and will ship your products packaged to your specs.